Model identification guide: The Vacumatic bands

n 1937 The Oversize was replaced with a streamlined version called the Senior Maxima (16 mm Wide, 139 mm Long). The unequal banded Senior met with an untimely death and was replaced with the Maxima, commonly known as the Slender Maxima, a more slender version of the Senior Maxima (14 mm Wide, 135 mm Long). The third new model was destined to become the best seller of the Vacumatic line, the Major which would replace the 3 ringed standard.

Initially the Senior Maxima and the Maxima had a 5 millimeter wide cap band with the very attractive engraving "VACUMATIC" in raised letters, these models are quite rare. The bands on the Major and Debutante models were 4 millimeter wide. This model had a non-blue diamond Parker arrow clip, striped section and jewels, a aluminium plunger and a large 2-tone nib.

A total of 25 different pens and pencils models were produced with this cap band. Probably less than ten weeks of production. There are 5 colours of each size:

• Senior Maxima
• Slender Maxima
• Major
• Debutante
• Pencil

ater all the bands were engraved with a chevron pattern of repeated lines leaning left and right. A pattern that stayed with the model until its discontinuation. The chevron banded maximas.

The Vac banded Senior Maximas
Special thanks to David Isaacson

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